Diving deep for seaweed survey

DIVERS will be scouring the sea bed off the coast of Robin Hood’s Bay to check for new and rare species of seaweed.

The teams, co-ordinated by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS), will also be carrying out in-depth marine surveys off parts of the UK coast that are often thought of as wild and inhospitable.

The dives will be taking place around the country over the next couple of weeks and one of the other chosen locations is Flamborough Head. Dr Jean-Luc Solandt from MCS said: “Seaweeds provide alginates that are used in toothpaste, cosmetics and paints.

“Algae is a vital food source for many coastal communities, and in the UK we eat samphire – that makes a wonderful salad with lemon and olive oil. Seaweed is also a rich source of iodine, which is otherwise deficient in many tropical developing countries diet.”