Disruption in store for east side of town

Yorkshire Water contractors will begin work next week to lay new pipework under Whitby’s Tin Ghaut car park in Church Street as part of £100,000 scheme.

It is estimated it will take ETM around six weeks to finish the work in time for Easter and will mean 26 premium car parking spaces in the east side pay and display car park will be lost.

The work is being done to improve the existing rising main pipe feed from Endeavour Wharf Pumping Station, located on the other side of the harbour, to improve future maintenance access to the pumping station.

During the works, Yorkshire Water has agreed with Scarborough Borough Council to occupy 26 spaces in the car park although access to all other areas of the car park and boat landing area will be maintained for visitors and residents.

Liz Marsden, community engagement advisor at Yorkshire Water, said: “There will be a new temporary access point into the museum end of the car park for the duration of the works as well as the existing access.

“The pay and display will be operational as normal in all areas of the car park.

“We understand the pressure that this will put on parking in the area and would like to apologise for any disruption this causes, but unfortunately, the works need to be done.”

The work has been scheduled so it does not impact with the start of the tourist season.

In a separate scheme, work is also to be carried out in Church Street to connect a private sewer from 26 February.

It is estimated to take three days although ETM have permission for up to seven.

No vehicles will be allowed down Church Street between Bridge Street and Market Place, except for deliveries before 11am on the first day of the closure.