Disruption as historic cobbles are restored

Henrietta Street''w125101e
Henrietta Street''w125101e

One of Whitby’s most historic streets will be closed off in the New Year as the iconic cobbles get restored after gas maintenance works.

The cobbles on old Church Street and Henrietta Street will be relaid in a programme of works expected to take around five weeks.

Starting on Wednesday January 6, Northern Gas Networks say engineers will be working seven days a week, 8am-5pm, to complete the work before the start of the school holidays on Monday February 12.

They say work was planned in conjunction with the county council to take place after the Christmas holiday period to minimise disruption but traffic management measures are being put in place.

It means that Henrietta Street is going to have to be closed from January 12 so the works can be done but the gas company says access to properties along the street will be allowed where possible.

However, for some, even though the tourism season has quietened off there is still work to be done.

Rob Parkin, in addition to being a volunteer coastguard, does maintenance for a holiday cottage company which looks after several places along Henrietta Street.

He said: “Hopefully they will get finished before then but we have families booked from February 6 who are coming from Scotland.

“They said they will help but I am still waiting for an email to see what they can and can’t do for letting me up and down.

“Building materials I have to bring up myself because the Jewson wagons can’t get up the street and it isn’t enough time to tell customers they will have to carry their own luggage up and down the street, there are the bins to consider and the other concern is what if someone needs an ambulance or a fire engine.”

Robert Hope, construction services area manager, said: “We would like to take this opportunity to apologise in advance for any inconvenience this essential work may cause and thank members of the public for their patience and support.

“We have been working closely with North Yorkshire Council to carefully plan these works and will be doing all we can to minimise any disruption caused.

“It is intricate work and we’ll be working carefully to ensure that the new sections blend with the existing road surface. This does take time but we’ll be doing everything we can to complete work as soon as possible.”

Northern Gas Networks door knocked residents and businesses and held a drop-in session at Whitby Fisherman’s Club on 22 December.