Display honours courage at sea

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Robert Brindley is a member of the prestigious Royal Society of Marine Artists.

The society has always had a strong association with the Royal Navy.

Early members recorded the naval battles of the Second World War and their works are held in collections such as those of the Imperial War Museum and the National Maritime Museum.

Robert said:“When considering the subject matter for this exhibition, I felt overwhelmed by the numerous possibilities open to me.

“However, after consideration and in association with my membership of The Royal Society of Marine Artists, I decided to focus on the conflict fought by our service personnel at sea, which I hope will draw attention to their bravery and often overlooked contribution.”

Robert is showing two paintings one in acryllic and a watercolour.

‘Battleships Division Nine’ -

United States Battleship Division Nine joined the British Grand Fleet on December 7th, 1917 after America entered the conflict.

They played a major role alongside our ships in the North Sea.

‘The Fate of The U-155’ - U-155 returned to Germany from her final cruise on 12 November 1918 and was surrendered on 24 November 1918 with other submarines as part of the terms of the armistice.

She was taken to Britain and exhibited in London and elsewhere and was eventually sold for scrap in 1921.

On 17 September 1921 she was being broken up at Robert Smith and Sons, Birkenhead, when an explosion ripped the ship apart, killing five apprentices.

‘I obtained lots of reference material from the Internet where there is a huge amount if information available, although it’s all in black and white and often very poor quality. These two subjects appealed to me and although they were black and white they were of reasonable quality. I ‘cropped’ the images slightly and tried to create a mood and atmosphere in the handling and colour.

‘ I do prefer watercolours over oils, however I feel that a shimmering light effect can be achieved by either medium.’

He has shown and sold works in London at the Mall Galleries, with the Royal Society of Marine Artists (RSMA) and the Royal Institute of Oil Painters.

Robert’s work has come to the attention of some prominent galleries, where his work hangs with many of the country’s leading artists, enhancing his already established reputation.

Working in watercolour, oil and pastels, Robert’s main inspiration is the challenge of (ROI) capturing light and atmosphere in a modern impressionistic style.

Robert is the author of three book: Painting Boats & Coastal Scenery, Painting In Pastels & Painting Landscapes In Oils, published by Crowood Press.

Three DVDs have also been released by Townhouse Films: Painting Atmospheric Watercolour Landscapes, Oil Sketching On Location and successful watercolour landscapes.