Discover Real Lives of celebrities, in Whitby

Jamie Jones-Buchanan on th eattack.'Huddersfield Giants v Leeds Rhinos.  BetFred SuperLeague.  24 March 2017.  Picture Bruce Rollinson
Jamie Jones-Buchanan on th eattack.'Huddersfield Giants v Leeds Rhinos. BetFred SuperLeague. 24 March 2017. Picture Bruce Rollinson

What links the lead singer of 60s legends Manfred Mann, an England rugby league star, Roy Castle’s wife and a retired Chief Constable?

The answer is they will all be at Whitby Evangelical Church this coming week as part of an event called Real Lives, in which they will all be interviewed by Christian speaker Roger Carswell.

Organiser of the event, Barry Davies said: “The title for the week is Real Lives because each of these people has a story to tell based on their own Christian experience and they all come from completely different backgrounds.

“Perhaps you have heard of some of these people and you are keen to find out more about them, or are generally interesting in meeting these well-known people to find out what makes them tick.

“Some of our guests have written books about their lives which may be available to purchase, but there will also be some free reading materials related to the theme that the speakers are talking about.

“All of our guests for the Real Lives week are excellent communicators and very experienced in public speaking.

“You will find the interviews informative, thought provoking and challenging and yet containing much humour.

“Every one of our guests was keen to come to Whitby to talk about their experiences and needed no persuading to give up their time in their extremely busy schedules to visit the town.

“If you are interested and want to know more, call into Whitby Evangelical Church, on Skinner Street and collect invitation cards for each evening and a programme indicating other events during the week.

“The Real Lives week follows on directly from the Whitby Gospel Music Convention this weekend, which takes place at Whitby Pavilion and is organised by Paul Wheater.

The first event of the week, on Monday morning at 10am, is a coffee morning in Whitby Evangelical Church when Paul, together with friends from the Convention, will sing, and this will be followed by an input from Mr Carswell.

Barry added: “Our experience of similar events in previous years suggests that the church building will be packed, so it would be good to arrive early. We warmly welcome anyone who comes along.”

Each session is free and light refreshments will be provided. Call in to Whitby Evangelical Church at 7.30pm each night where you can meet:

Robin Oakes, Former Chief Constable, Isle of Man

Monday May 22

Wrote the book Father Forgive – the Forgotten F word after his son was stabbed to death trying to arrest an Al Qaeda suspect.

Fiona Castle, author

Tuesday May 23

Dancer and wife of the late Roy Castle, she was awarded an OBE by the Queen for her charity work.

Jamie jones-buchanan, leeds rhinos

Wednesday May 24

Former England rugby league player, now a coach, who has won many honours in the game.

Steve Nowak, surfer

Thursday May 25

Successful skater who moved on to surfing and travelled the world surfing some of the world’s biggest waves. Now a church minister.

Paul Jones & Fiona Hendley, musician & actress

Friday May 26

Paul Jones was the original frontman for Manfred Mann, popular for such classics as Do Wah Diddy. Paul’s wife Fiona Hendley is an actress and has sung on some of his albums.