Diamond wedding anniversary - Hewison

George and Olga Hewison at George's birthday party'submitted
George and Olga Hewison at George's birthday party'submitted
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A SLEIGHTS couple celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary on 6 September, 60 years after George Hewison decided to ask the pretty girl at the chemist’s out on a date.

George (85) and Olga Hewison (82) were married in 1952 at St John’s Church in Sleights.

The couple on their wedding day'submitted

The couple on their wedding day'submitted

At their wedding Olga’s brother Stephen Smith acted as best man, while George’s sisters Doreen, Avril and Shirley were bridesmaids, along with Olga’s friend Meryl Hodgson.

The couple met at Timothy White’s chemist on Baxergate, where Olga worked with her lifelong friend Joan, as daughter Amanda Allbrighton explained: “Dad said he had seen Mum working in Timothy Whites for quite a few weeks before he approached her for a date. She was very slim and stylish, but never without her friend by her side, so George waited until she finished work one evening to speak to her alone and ask for a date.”

The couple built their home in Iburndale Lane, where they brought up their family of two girls - Patricia and Amanda.

They now have an extended family of three grandchildren, named Ben, Luke and Holly.

Amanda added: “I asked Mum and Dad what made a good marriage. Their reply was ‘Taking care of each other, loving each other’. Then Dad added - ‘and good food’.”

Olga was renowned for always having a cooked meal ready for when George finished work, but the recipe for her infamous gingerbread loaf remains a secret.

George was a scaffolder and foreman at ICI Wilton and also worked on the North Cormorant, Ninian and Brae oil rigs.

He has a love of the sea and sneaks off sea fishing with his friend Ken Graham whenever he can.