Delight at review of '˜flawed' Whitby dog ban area

I am delighted to learn that Scarborough Borough Council has agreed to review the recent and flawed extended dog ban on Whitby West Beach that has caused an outpouring of protest.

Friday, 3rd August 2018, 8:00 am
Dog beach ban

Common sense has prevailed at last. But this will take many months to complete, meanwhile the current restrictions remain in force. We need to remind ourselves that the widespread public concern revolves simply around the highly unsafe nature of access to the beach that has resulted from the changes.

We have already seen injuries and falls as elderly and less-than-able people are forced to negotiate unsafe steps and slippery rocks, others will inevitably occur.

By agreeing to revisit the ban the council is acknowledging that its original consultation exercise was flawed and that the public’s widespread concerns about safety are valid.

The council’s first duty is to protect the public, remove risk and preserve the health and safety of residents and visitors.

Thus, I must ask again that, pending its review and in advance of the summer rush of visitors, the council’s executive uses its authority to suspend immediately the dog ban extension on Whitby West Beach and return it to its 2017 limits at once, this is the only safe and sensible course of action.

Martin Smith MBE

North Promenade