A day in charge of Whitby's Captain Cook Museum for youngsters

Year seven pupils from Caedmon College and Eskdale School took over the Captain Cook Memorial Museum.

Thursday, 6th December 2018, 3:54 pm
Updated Thursday, 6th December 2018, 4:00 pm

The Takeover Day, organised by Kids in Museums, gave students the opportunity to experience what working in a museum is really like.

In preparation for their task, students previously visited the venue so they knew what was expected.

They spent the morning being trained in the museum and setting up items which each school prepared for the day.

Caedmon College pupil Charlie Harland said: The students from Caedmon College had made their very own exhibition about modern education.

“In this, there were logbooks that they use to record everything that has to do with school.

“There was also a Chromebook, a small laptop that they use in lessons to help them and improve their learning experience, a lunch bag was also provided in the exhibition, and a school tie.”

Eskdale School pupils Layarna Brion and Martha Hughes said: “The students from Eskdale School also provided the museum with interpretations of other exhibits such as paintings, models, replicas and authentic objects, which were dotted around the building.

“The interpretations told the visitors about the exhibit it was showcasing and described what it was like, as well as telling us who discovered it or created it.”

The Captain Cook Memorial Museum was open to the public from 12.30 to 3pm and students took over many jobs such as giving guided tours, staffing the front desk, managing a handling table, showing botanical prints from the collection and even interviewing visitors on a trip to the museum.

From their interviews, students wrote in their article: “The event was greeted by the public who gave astonishing feedback on how well the pupils performed.

“They were impressed by how polite and informative the tour guides were.

“The feedback was very positive with comments such as, ‘very interesting and informative’, ‘very impressed with the tours as they were excellent’. The comments from the teachers were also very positive.

Mr Dixon from Eskdale School said: “It was a pleasure to work with such well-rounded and enthusiastic young people” while Mr Young from Caedmon College added: “It’s a good idea for local children to learn their town’s history.”

Year five pupils from Airy Hill Primary School also visited the museum during Takeover Day and took part in a variety of activities, created by the year seven students, such as boat making, artefact handling and guided tours.

The Takeover Day was an ‘educational experience’ for students that gave them a different perspective on learning about history.

Comments pupils received during their interviews were: “Takeover Day is a good educational experience for both Eskdale and Caedmon” - students Freya and Ellie.

Visitors from Manchester, Olivia and Jack, said: “What a brilliant experience!

“The kids were clever, confident and full of knowledge”

Eskdale teacher Mr Dixon said: “Takeover Day gives young people opportunities and helps them build self-confidence.”