Dangerous dog attack on beach

George Robertson and his Boxer dog named Mr Tucker
George Robertson and his Boxer dog named Mr Tucker

A WHITBY man has told of his anger after an out-of-control dog viciously attacked him on Friday.

At around 4.30pm George Robertson, of Abbey Terrace, was walking along the beach with his Boxer dog, called Mr Tucker, which he had on a lead.

He saw ahead four people approaching with three dogs, one of which was a Staffordshire bull terrier, and he said: “The next thing I know is there’s this growling and barking and the Staffie went for him.

“He’s a lovely dog but he’s big and powerful so I thought ‘there’s going to be a mess’.

“Mr Tucker was on a lead and I held him back but the Staffie bit my hand.

“I had to go to the hospital, there was blood pouring out of my hand.”

After reporting the attack to the police, Mr Robertson hurried to Whitby Hospital, where the nurses were stunned by the deep cuts to his hand and urged him to take a photograph in case it was required for evidence.

His hand was bandaged, he was given a tetanus injection and he was also given a week-long course of antibiotics to fight any infection that may have been caused by the bite.

However, Mr Robertson added that the dog’s owner had showed no kindness to him.

He said: “She came over and I was annoyed, upset and in a state of shock and I said ‘keep your dog under control’.

The dog walker confesses that he lost his temper, and the owner of the Staffie replied: “Don’t you talk to me like that.”

He added: “Their dog was dangerous and there was blood everywhere but I didn’t get any sympathy at all.”

Mr Robertson said that he believed the four people were not locals, but that their accents suggested they were from the Midlands.

In addition to the Staffie, they also had a small tan dog and a medium black and white dog.

“This is the first time it’s happened to me,” he added.

“But I’ve heard of incidents like this before.

“I reported it to the police but they said there’s probably nothing they can do about it as they won’t be able to trace them.”

Anyone who believes they may be able to provide further information which may lead to the identification of the owner of the dangerous dog is can contact Whitby Police by calling 101.