Danby beacon will shine for Botton village campaign

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Campaigners battling to prevent proposed changes in Botton village will be lighting up Danby Beacon this weekend as part of their latest protest.

Action for Botton is urging supporters to join co-workers and residents at the event on Sunday at 5.30pm – which they say will go ahead regardless of weather or any interventions.

A previous protest – a candlelit vigil – was nearly halted when the Camphill Village Trust, which manages the settlement and is proposing to change the way it pays co-workers, sought legal action.

Neil Davidson, chairman of Action for Botton, said: “Beacons have always been lit in times of threat to send out warning and to call for aid.

“Here, we are also setting the flame as a symbol of the light that has shone from Botton for 60 years.

“The beacon will prove the Botton flame still burns strongly and I urge as many supporters as possible to gather and show solidarity with co-workers who are under such Draconian threats.”

Huw John, CVT Chief Executive, said: “We acknowledge the strong mix of feelings surrounding Botton but would like to again restate the fact that the changes we are making will not destroy the community. During this process of change, we are working with an ever-growing number of supportive families and former co-workers to ensure that Botton has a strong, vibrant future, with a caring, safe, community-based ethos that will enable the people we support to have a louder voice and greater personal choice than ever before.”