D-day for dogs on the beach

Two dogs enjoying a walk on the beach
Two dogs enjoying a walk on the beach

DOGS are being banned from Whitby’s beaches from next week for five months.

The annual ban, imposed by health chiefs at Scarborough Borough Council (SBC), comes into force on 1 May and is to protect the extra numbers of people using the beach over the summer months.

Areas out of bounds to hounds are West Cliff beach from the Battery Parade to the steps at the far end of the beach huts and at Sandsend from the steps below the public toilets at Sandhills to the slipway at the bottom of the Bank Bottom car park.

Signs and stencils sprayed on to the pavements are displayed at the locations where dogs are not allowed and anyone found flouting the regulation could be fined up to £1000.

Steve Pogson, SBCs health and community safety manager said: “Although we welcome dog owners to the area, the restrictions are in place to ensure the health and safety of all beach users in the summer months when there are more people, especially children playing on the beach.

“Our dog warden team will be patrolling the beaches throughout this period, including visits on early mornings, evenings and weekends and public holidays, to advise dog owners and enforce the ban.”