Crowning glory of Yorkshire

Yorkshire is the third best region in the world to visit in 2014, according to travel guide company Lonely Planet, and I think the only part of this brilliant story that anyone finds surprising is that Yorkshire was not placed first.

With more Michelin starred Restaurants than anywhere in the UK outside of London, and with more Olympic medals than anywhere in the world (I’m sure that’s right), ‘God’s own country’ is rated as one of the up and coming regions to visit next year - and in my opinion, Whitby is its crowning glory.

I know that every now and then I have a little rant about stuff, but I truly do love Whitby – why else would I live and work here, and it’s stories like these that sometimes make you stop and really appreciate where you are.

We have things great really, the odd misplaced fence, busy day litter, and a flock of killer seagulls are mere frustrations of town life, small things that can be sorted out, trivialities that a tongue in cheek chap might poke fun at to ease a media full of bad news.

Yorkshire is said to be an up and coming destination, and of course Whitby is Yorkshire’s premier seaside resort, so with all this extra publicity and the eyes of the world on Yorkshire for the Tour De France Grand Depart can we expect a super duper 2014? I think we can.

Summer 2013 was a good one, lots of visitors, lots of festivals – I’ve only heard amazing things about Musicport, Folk Week, WGW and every other event that we get to enjoy, the good weather certainly helped things along too, finally it felt like a summer for the beach – the first in a few years.

With Christmas and New Year fast approaching, it is the perfect opportunity to get out and enjoy where we live before we are all too busy again, and while we can still park here.

The ‘end of season’ attitude is a thing of the past, Whitby is open all year round now - open for us to savour. So remember, we live in the third best place ever, we should be proud to be the golden town of our bronze award.