Woman spat at by tailgater

Celia Harris-Fenton from Scope who was spat in the face''w112006
Celia Harris-Fenton from Scope who was spat in the face''w112006

A DISGUSTING van driver spat in the face of a woman who had grown frustrated at his dangerous driving.

Celia Harris-Fenton (57), of Seaton Crescent in Staithes, was driving home from work on Monday 9 May at 11.25am when the sick van driver assaulted her.

Mrs Harris-Fenton, who is manager at the Whitby branch of the charity shop Scope, said: “On the way home, as I was coming down to Sandsend, I realised there was a white van following me, but he was really close.

“Once we started climbing up Lythe Bank he was right up my bumper to the point that all I could see was his bonnet, so I thought I would put my foot down and get away.

“But he kept right up behind me and that made me really worried.”

When Mrs Harris-Fenton’s Ford Ka got into Lythe she slowed to match the 30mph speed limit, but the van maintained his speed and overtook.

In her frustration she flashed a two-fingered gesture at the driver, who immediately pulled up, blocking her path, and he got out the van.

Mrs Harris-Fenton added: “I lowered my window and said ‘do you usually tailgate people like that?’ and he spat right in my face.

“It was so disgusting I was immediately sick and I just fell to pieces and sat there bawling my eyes out.”

The man, described as about 5ft 4ins, is in his forties and with closely cut reddish hair.

He was wearing a knee-length blue overcoat and was driving a white IVECO van, although there were no visible markings and Mrs Harris-Fenton was unable to get the registration number.

Police are appealing for anyone who may have any information to get in contact by calling 0845 60 60 247 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.