Village’s ‘magic’ side

A bustling station at Goathland''w124201d
A bustling station at Goathland''w124201d

WHILE Goathland was gearing up for the Wartime Weekend last week, some visitors to the village chose to take a ‘trip’ of a completely different kind.

Seven men, who had travelled to the area from Humberside and Hartlepool, were all arrested in possession of magic mushrooms, a Class A drug which naturally grows wild nearby.

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire police said: “We can confirm that we have received a number of reports of people visiting the Goathland area to allegedly pick magic mushrooms.”

Last Wednesday three men, aged 21, 24 and 26 from Hartlepool were arrested on suspicion of possessing the mushrooms, which were classified in the 2005 Drugs Act. This puts the funghi, which is known to offer a hallucinogenic ‘trip’, in the same category as heroin, cocaine or ecstasy.

The three men were given an adult caution for possessing the magic mushrooms, before being released later the same day.

The next day four other men, from the Humberside area, were also arrested on suspicion of possessing a Class A drug. Two were aged 26, while the others were aged 28 and 32-year-old. They have subsequently been released on bail to allow for further enquiries.

The police spokesman added there were understood to have been previous reports of people visiting the same area to pick mushrooms a couple of years ago.

Rumours about the arrests have spread around the close-knit community.

One villager said he had seen some police activity in Main Street earlier in the week.

Another said: “I have heard a rumour that they must have been seen picking the mushrooms. The police stopped a car and arrested an occupant.”