Ukash supports police fight against fraud

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FOLLOWING a Gazette article highlighting the dangers of a scam to defraud elderly residents in the local area, the company whose products are being exploited has moved to support police in their attempts to identify the fraudsters.

Ukash allows individuals to swap cash for vouchers, which they can then use online, but scammers have been using the vouchers to steal thousands of pounds from their victims.

David Hunter, CEO of Ukash, said: “At Ukash we are aware of scams of this nature but wanted the opportunity to explain the details of our product to prevent further exposure to fraudulent activity of this kind.

“We are appalled that scammers are targeting people to defraud their money and we are actively working with the authorities to close them down.

“Our advice is that Ukash voucher details should never be given to cold callers or doorstep sales people.

“The simple message is to treat Ukash with the same security as you would physical cash.

“Anyone who believes they have been targeted should report it to the police and to action fraud UK.

“If they realise that they have been scammed they can also contact us directly via customer services and we will attempt to block the voucher code before it is used.”

For more information about the Ukash scheme and for security tips visit