Truffle trouble as sweet shop burgled

Sandgate Sweet Shop was burgled on Thursday evening
Sandgate Sweet Shop was burgled on Thursday evening

Sweet-toothed burglars stole a jar of rum truffles and around £100 from Sandgate Sweet Shop last night (Thursday).

Two thieves were seen entering the traditional sweet shop at around 11.15pm.

Owner Becca Robinson said that in addition to the jar of sweets and £100 float left in the till, the thieves also attempted to make off with charity collection tins. However these were chained down, and further searches for any other cash on site also proved fruitless.

It appears the thieves also attempted to take a bag of turtle-shaped sweets, but left these on the counter.

The jar of rum truffle sweets were later found discarded at Sander’s Yard off Church Street.

Mrs Robinson, who also runs the adjacent Robinson’s Jet Shop on Sandgate, said: “We’ve been here at the sweet shop for five years but we’ve never had anything like this before.”

On Friday a North Yorkshire Police Crime Scene Investigation team was at the store. Gas works that are taking place along Sandgate meant that when the burglars entered the store, the dirt dug up on the street formed clear footprints, which the police team have analysed.

Judith Boocock of Sandgate Fisheries spotted the burglars inside the store.

She said that as one of the few store owners who lives on Sandgate, she keeps an eye out for people acting suspiciously.

“As soon as I opened my door alarm bells started ringing,” she said. “I looked through the window and one of them was hiding behind the counter. The other lad, in the back room, was peering through the door. I could see them clear as day.”

Judith ran upstairs and her partner Barry Sneddon called the police, while from out her window she watched the two men leave the store and close the door behind them, before walking along Sandgate with the jar of rum truffles under one arm.

Mr Sneddon, a Whitby RNLI crewmember who operates cruises on the old lifeboat Mary Ann Hepworth, chased after the two men along Church Street. However, they disappeared up a yard and climbed a fence to make their escape.

Ms Boocock said one of the men had ‘mousey’ features and was wearing dark jogging bottoms and a dark tracksuit top with white piping down the sleeve.

The other was more thickset but both were of average height.