Town’s doormen back new pub breathalyser test

Paul Lowther & Derek Coverdale with the breathalyser machine
Paul Lowther & Derek Coverdale with the breathalyser machine

Eight people were refused entry into Whitby pubs for being too drunk over the weekend.

It comes as door staff at five pubs trialled new breathalyser type kit which records levels of drunkeness.

If door staff think someone has already had too much to drink they ask them to breathe into the ‘alcoblow’. It shows green if someone hasn’t had a drink , amber if you have some alcohol in your system and red if you are three times the drink drive limit - at which point you will be turned away.

A group of five girls were refused entry and three men also turned away at the door in a separate case. The radio system in operation between pubs and door staff means they won’t have been allowed in elswhere.

The project has been hailed a success by police and the doormen who were working at The Pier Inn, Raw, Beez, the Wellington and The George Hotel.

At the moment police are working with places open after 1am and hope to be able to include other pubs and clubs.

It is part of plans to reduce dis-order in town at night.

Sgt Rachel Wood said: “We don’t want to put people off going out. They will be used on people door-staff think have already had too much.

“It gives them an extra tool when they are refusing entry. I wouldn’t want to be in a pub where people are falling into me so it is a win win situation.”