Thieves target beach huts

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The beach huts''w123013a
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A SPATE of thefts at the West Cliff beach huts have left chalet owners fearing it could spoil their summer holidays.

Two separate incidents have been reported to the police and beach-goers believe there have been more over the last few weeks.

Between 8pm on Wednesday 18 July and lunchtime last Thursday the door of one of the beach huts had been forced open and items of food and alcohol stolen.

Meanwhile later that same night cigarettes were taken from another chalet.

Whitby resident Maggie Hall has had a family chalet for 65 years and told the Whitby Gazette that over the years, there had been the odd break-in but she had never known it on this scale.

She said on one night, 13 had been targeted even though Scarborough Borough Council employs a nightwatchman to patrol the area until 2am.

She said: “We are all getting very concerned, this is systematic break-ins.

“They do have a nightwatchman but if I was going to break-in I know what time I would go so one has to assume it is all happening after 2am.

“God knows what they expect to find in them.

“Nobody is going to leave anything valuable in them but people do have them pretty well equipped with food stuffs such as soup, fruit, biscuits and crackers.

Sgt John Webb from Whitby Police said: “We have always had spates where kids have gone down and had beach parties and damaged the chalets.

“There is not a lot in them – a bit of food and beach stuff.

“We are doing extra patrols on an evening and the night shift have spent quite a bit of time down there to see if there is anybody about. We are aware of it and are looking at it.”

He added that if anybody wanted to pass on information they should contact Whitby Police on 101 and ask for PC Glyn Wenham.