Thief ‘helped’ victim with payday loan

Scarborough Magistrates Court.Picture Richard Ponter 140109
Scarborough Magistrates Court.Picture Richard Ponter 140109

A Hinderwell fraudster stole over £1,500 and a family heirloom from his then-girlfriend.

Alexander Standell (22) of Moor View Court then used his victim’s details to obtain a £400 payday loan to “help” her.

The offences began in May last year when Standell borrowed his then-girlfriend Stevie-Lois Lavagna’s bank card.

However, when Miss Lavagna, who is mother to a two-year-old boy, later checked her bank account, she found £1,670 had been withdrawn without her knowledge.

“I questioned Alex,” she said, “But he said he had only taken £50 and he was going to return it when his dad gave him the money.”

In total Standell made 33 fraudulent transactions, reducing the single mum’s bank balance from around £2,000 to £350 in just a month.

Standell then used Miss Lavagna’s details to obtain £400 from the loan company, which was deposited into her account. When questioned about the money, Standell told Miss Lavagna it was a “gift to help her fix her car,” according to Martin Hawes, prosecuting.

Then on June 16 Standell betrayed Miss Lavagna’s trust further by stealing items from her home.

The couple’s relationship had ended, but Miss Lavagna was woken in the early hours by Standell calling her name. He begged to be allowed to stay at her Derwent Road home, promising to turn himself in to the police the following day.

However, when he left Miss Lavagna discovered her ex-boyfriend had stolen her mobile phone, some gift cards, DVDs and jewellery which included a gold crucifix necklace which had been handed down through the family from her great-great-great-grandmother.

Standell later sold the mobile phone and a satellite navigation tool belonging to Miss Lavagna to Cash Generators in Scarborough.

At a magistrates’ court hearing on Monday, Mr Standell was found guilty of fraud and theft. As Standell was not in attendance, a warrant for his arrest was issued.