Teenage getaway driver jailed for three years

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The teenage getaway driver in a £10,000 jewellery heist has been locked up for three years.

Andrew Peart, 18, waited to speed armed robber Timothy Moloney away from the crime scene after the owner of Gouldbuys jewellery store in Whitby was robbed at gunpoint.

Police outside Gouldbuys in Flowergate, following Friday's robbery

Police outside Gouldbuys in Flowergate, following Friday's robbery

After fleeing the jeweller’s in Flowergate, Moloney – 19 at the time – dived into the waiting car and was driven off at speed by Peart.

Both men were later arrested and Peart was charged with abetting an armed raider.

Peart, of East Cliff, Whitby, appeared for sentence at York Crown Court on Monday after he admitted playing a part in the jewellery theft.

Prosecuting barrister David Bradshaw said Peart had played a lesser role in the robbery, which happened on the morning of May 1 - the day the inaugural Tour de Yorkshire cycle race passed through Whitby.

Judge Stephen Ashurst sentenced Peart to three years in a young offenders’ institution and told him: “Your loyalty to Timothy Moloney was somewhat misplaced.”

In addition, the judge ordered Peart to pay a £900 criminal-courts charge.

The court heard that Moloney burst into Gouldbuys at 10.30am clutching a hold-all and wearing a face mask, orange gloves and a hoodie. He whipped out a .22-calibre imitation pistol and pointed it at owner Alan Slater, demanding he fill the bag with chains.

Mr Slater bolted into a back room and slammed the door shut as Moloney scooped up 25 chains and stuffed them into his bag before darting out into the street. A passer-by gave chase but was stopped dead in his tracks when Moloney turned round and pointed the gun straight at his face, shouting: “Bang!”

Moloney ran off through Whitby town centre before getting into the waiting car driven by Peart.

Moloney, a former army cadet and hotel worker, was jailed for four years and eight months for robbery and possessing an imitation firearm at the Crown Court earlier this year.

The court was told that Moloney, of Hanover Terrace, Whitby, was a drug abuser who carried out the raid to pay off debts to dealers.