Suspected fraud in Sleights

Whitby police are investigating what they have branded “unusual” incidents near the town.

They both happened in Sleights on Monday November 18 when Apple laptops were delivered to two households, even though they had not ordered them.

A short time later the recipient of the laptop received a call saying it had been delivered in error and a courier would collect it. A few days before the deliveries they had both been contacted by a credit company about an attempt to access their records but it is not known if they are linked.

PC Neil Graham said: “I am keen to speak to anyone who has received a letter telling them that someone has attempted to read their credit records, whether or not they have subsequently received a laptop they did not order. I also need to speak to anyone who has received a laptop computer that they did not order, even if they passed it to the courier.“

Contact Whitby Police on 101 with information.