Shock at ‘Lucky Duck’ shop raid

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Whitby Glass''w141519
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A former Whitby mayor has spoken of her shock after a raid at her famous shop.

Among the £2,000 loot taken from Lucky Ducks glass works, on Sandgate, were 18 Steiff teddy bears some of which were limited editions and one was worth £345.

The thieves struck while Cllr Dorothy Clegg, 82, slept upstairs and she was woken by staff and police early on Saturday following the raid.

CCTV footage shows two men and a woman walking along Sandgate in the direction of the Swing Bridge at around 11.20pm. The two men are seen to break the window while the woman stands on the opposite side of the road.

The suspects lef t the shop, walk through the market place on to Church Street, via Bridge Street and back onto Sandgate. They did this twice and continued to take items from the shop for the next half an hour. Cllr Clegg took over the shop from Peter Rantall in 1972 and says this is the first time anything like this has happened.

She said: “I didn’t hear a thing. I sleep on the harbour side and had gone to bed fairly early. The glass is reinforced but there was a jagged hole in the side window.

“We have had glass broken by drunks before but this was a deliberate incident.

“I was just so shocked, I had to keep steady throughout the day but once my staff had gone and I was on my own on Saturday evening I broke down and cried.”

The haul included teddies, cats, dogs, rabbits and lambs and a rare bear called a 2014 Jubilee bear.

One of the Steiffs was £345 but without the authenticity certificates, which are kept elsewhere on the premises, they are virtually worthless.

But for Cllr Clegg, who promised former owner and founder of the business Peter Rantall that she would continue the tradition of glass making after his death, it was business as usual.

She was attending council meetings at the town hall as usual on Monday and refuses to be scared out of her business and home.

She added: “I said to Peter I will keep your shop and Lucky Ducks going and I have kept my word and I am still working and on Monday I had to pull myself together and go to council.

“The monetary loss is serious, but the distress and pain has affected all of us at Whitby Glass.

“It has taken us years to build up this selection with love and care going into the choice of each one.

“We hope that the police can trace the thieves.”

One man was wearing a top which was light coloured on the body and dar across the shoulders and arms while the woman had an orange bag which was used to carry the stolen items from the scene.

PC Mark Hawes from Whitby Police said: “Due to the number of people in the area at the time of this break-in, I am hopeful that someone may have seen the suspects but not realised what they were up to at the time.