Raising standard of merrymaking

A REVELLER stole a flag from outside the roof of a Whitby gift store in the early hours of Friday morning – and was arrested when CCTV cameras saw him parading it down Pier Road.

The blue flag, with a Yorkshire rose emblem on it, was taken from the Khyber Pass Gift Shop by a 20-year-old Stockton male.

Gail Birch, who runs the shop, said: “I think he just had a few too many”.

The man removed the 5ft by 3ft flag and its metal pole.

Sgt John Webb, of Whitby Police, said: “He ran down the street waving the flag around and just generally causing bedlam.”

After being alerted by the CCTV crew, police attended the scene and arrested the man on suspicion of theft.

He admitted the offence and was given a formal caution.

Sgt Webb added: “It’s good we caught them in the act and were able to recover the flag.

“It’s a nice result from the CCTV office supporting us and shows how we are working together to reduce crime in Whitby.”