Police warning to rural householders

WHITBY Police are warning people to be vigilant following the rise in heating oil costs.

The isolated nature of some rural homes makes them an easy target for thieves and rural householders.

The price of oil fuel has risen by up to 70% in recent months and criminals are said to be using increasingly sophisticated tactics to target isolated homes.

Police have advised homeowners to fit padlocks on their tanks and consider installing alarms and security lights where possible.

Insp Mark Grange of Whitby Police said: “Although rural burglaries have dropped since October 2010 we still regard the rural community as being vulnerable to theft and burglary.

“Also with high oil prices then heating oil is likely to be targeted over the next few months. This means that communities must be vigilant and ensure that oil storage are as secure as possible, use security lighting in the storage areas and report any suspicious vehicles.”

On Monday (31 January) police arrested two men from the Cleveland area in Robin Hood’s Bay for burglary after being challenged at the back of some holiday lets.

Other stolen property was found in the men’s car. Both men have been released on police bail pending further enquiries.