Police tape enthusiasm sparks fears

Police tape at Whitby Abbey car park''w124223a
Police tape at Whitby Abbey car park''w124223a
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EARLY-RISERS taking a stroll near Whitby Abbey on Thursday morning could have been mistaken for thinking they had stumbled into a scene from Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

With police tape preventing access to both the Abbey and St Mary’s Church and Hallowe’en fast approaching, there were fears that an attack, such as the one committed by the fictional vampire, had taken place.

However the reality was far more mundane, as Sgt Mukerjee of Whitby Police explained: “Last night a number of horses strayed from their field into the car park and at the time we were unable to corral them into a field.”

Traffic cones and a large amount of tape was strapped across the road to prevent damage to vehicles parked nearby and eventually the horses were returned unharmed to a nearby field.