Police step up park patrols

POLICE are going to be stepping up patrols in Pannett park after a recent spate of anti-social behaviour.

Officers hope that by increasing their presence they can “nip it in the bud” before it escalates.

There have been recent complaints about anti-social behaviour and drinking in the park and a window at the museum was broken recently.

It had been planned to carry out the patrols a few weeks ago along with the crime reduction unit but it had to be put back after the recent murder in the town.

At the police and community meeting Sgt John Webb said: “It was supposed to start three weeks ago but because of the murder it has been put on hold.

“We are going to be deploying PCSOs in the park to do evening patrols, 5-8pm, If we need to extend it later, we will. Our response officers, we will ask them, if they get an opportunity to walk in on foot.

“If people are behaving lawfully there will be no problem but if youths are misbehaving, drinking we will turf them out, get details and speak to parents.

“A lot of hard work has gone into the park with Friends and the park staff and what we want to do is support them and nip it in the bud before it gets any bigger.”

Whitby Town Councillor, Amanda Smith said the youths she had come across in the park were generally well-behaved but also questioned whether Pannett Park should be called something else.

She added: “By and large there is nowhere for kids to go and I think the park is mis-named. I don’t think it is a park - it is an ornamental garden. We don’t like people sunbathing, they don’t like kids in there and they don’t let dogs in.”