Police piecing together Adam’s final hours

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POLICE are trying to piece together the final hours before a Whitby man met his death when he fell from the top of cliffs onto the beach.

Adam Sykes was last seen by his mum Maureen Craven and step dad Brian at the family’s flat in Kirby’s at about 6.30pm on Saturday 10 December.

His body was found on rocks on the beach near the battery parade by a dog walker at 8am on Sunday 11 December.

There are no suspicious circumstances surrounding his death, which Adam’s family believe was a tragic accident, but police are trying to determine where he might have been between those times.

One theory is he may have gone to stay in his van which was parked near the Royal Hotel - which is something he did regularly.

PC Mark Hawes from Whitby Police Station said: “Maureen and Brian did not see him leave, they were in the kitchen and noticed him gone.

“The next time anybody knew about him was 8am on the Sunday. It is just that period we don’t know about and may never know - if he has just gone to his van no-one will have seen him.

“We are not jumping to any conclusions, it is just a case of trying to minimise that time scale. Anything might help rub an hour off here and there.”

If anyone has any information ring 101 and ask to speak to PC 1094 Mark Hawes.