Police HQ scrapped as operations moved out of region

Chief constable Dave Jones and police commissioner Julia Mulligan
Chief constable Dave Jones and police commissioner Julia Mulligan

Police Commissioner Julia Mulligan has scrapped plans to build a new force HQ - and says she plans to move some operations out of North Yorkshire.

The proposed new HQ and operational police facility near Thirsk has been shelved, in a move Mrs Mulligan claims will save the force £10m.

But following secret talks involving Cleveland Police and North Yorkshire’s Chief Constable Dave Jones, certain specialist operations and facilities could be shifted just across the border to Hemlington, near Middlesbrough.

The HQ plans have been scrapped in their infancy, and mean under-threat Northallerton Police Station will be given a reprieve and a refurbishment.

Despite plans to move part of North Yorkshire’s police out of the region, the commissioner claims she’s “committed” to serving communities - and that community policing won’t be impacted.

And she said scrapping the plans was a “tough decision”, adding: “I want to ensure that the North Yorkshire tax-payer gets the very best value for money, and with new options now available, I am no longer convinced that a new-build facility is able to offer that.”

The planned-merger with Cleveland follows talks during the last month, and follows news that extra-custody space isn’t needed in the region, as first thought.

Planning permission still hadn’t been sought for the scrapped base, and land hadn’t been bought, although work had been carried out on a possible application.

And the cash-saving proposal also follows a report which found North Yorkshire Police is a ‘good value’ force.

Mrs Mulligan added the Cleveland partnership has “great potential”, such as new ways of working to tackle cross-border crime.

The commissioner added: “I am looking forward to working with the Police and Crime Commissioner in Cleveland to take this forward.”