Police crackdown on Mischief makers over Hallowe’en

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Police in Whitby are going to be having a crackdown on anti-social behaviour in the town and in the run-up to the Hallowe’en period.

Over the next few weeks local police community support officers will be visiting schools to educate youngsters about their behaviour over Hallowe’en, Mischief and Bonfire Night and the effect it can have on communities.

They will also be paying visits to elderly and vulnerable members of the community to make them aware that it is that time of year and to be aware of any suspicious behaviour.

Whitby’s police boss, Inspector Andy Colbourne, told the Gazette there will be extra patrols in the town in the week or so covering Hallowe’en and Mischief Night.

He added that in general, the number of anti-social behaviour incidents had dropped compared to the same perios last year.

There have been 29 reported incidents between April and the end of September which is the equivalent to a five per cent reduction.

However, in the crackdown, the police will work with Yorkshire Coast Homes and using civil powers as an effective method of providing an effective response to any on-oing incidents and anti-social behaviour related incidents.