Police chief discusses teen road deaths and burglaries

Police inspector Andy Colbourne
Police inspector Andy Colbourne
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A “significant” increase in burglaries has been seen across the Whitby area, according to the town’s police chief.

Inspector Andy Colbourne said Whitby has seen an overall increase in crime of 7.4 per cent as travelling criminals take advantage of the mild winter and lack of snow.

He explained: “Unfortunately nice weather encourages more tourism and more people coming to take advantage, so you get higher crime.”

While rural areas have seen an average overall reduction in crime of around 15 per cent, places such as Danby, the Esk Valley and Mulgrave have all seen “quite a significant increase” in burglaries. These can be from homes, but are often outbuildings or sheds in rural locations.

The Mayfield area is another which has seen an increase in burglaries of 67 per cent, although Insp Colbourne was keen to highlight this was an increase from nine cases to 15.

“It’s not a big urban area where you are looking at many cases,” he said. “But what we have got there are six new victims and that is not good enough. A burglary is quite a life-changing event, especially when some of those victims are quite vulnerable.”

Insp Colbourne also referred to the number of serious road traffic collisions which have taken place on the regions roads in recent years.

“We have lost some loved ones and it’s worrying,” he said. “If you see any erratic driving, please notify us. What we don’t want to see is any more teenagers killed on our roads.”