Pastures new for Whitby’s police inspector

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Whitby’s outgoing police inspector says real in roads have been made in reducing crime in the town over the last three years.

Insp Andy Colbourne has been at the helm of policing for the last three and a half years but last month left to take up a post in Scarborough.

Due to re-structuring within the force he is now a shift inspector which sees him take on a new role compared to that of finding long term solutions to hotspot crimes in the town.

He said: “It is different because it is shift work, six on and four off rather than problem solving which came at Whitby.

“There is still work on-going around drug related crime and night-time economy issues.

I will be supporting Whitby police with some of the initiatives that had been put in place in the past as my role involves travelling to Whitby anyway.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Whitby and we have made some real progress around crime and crime reduction and I am sure the new inspector will continue to support the work that has been done.”

The Ryedale and Whitby police teams have been merged and will be overseen by incoming Inspector Andy Everitt.