Parish councillors ponder plaque mystery

COUNCILLORS in Danby are pondering the mystery of vandals who stole a viewpoint indicator from the site of the historic Danby Beacon and then destroyed it and threw it away.

The stainless steel indicator, a round plaque mounted on a concrete plinth, was provided by Danby Group Parish Council to mark the millennium in 2000.

Pam Reeves, who chairs the parish council, said: “The plaque was stolen some months ago and then found later in Ainthorpe Lane in Danby.

“Whoever stole it must have thought it was valuable but then decided it wasn’t and so just threw it away.

“It hadn’t weathered well and we are now having it repaired and it will be replaced as soon as possible.”

The indicator was a popular feature with visitors to the iconic Danby Beacon site and it was regular visitors Steve and Angela Jakes from Leeds who told the Gazette about its absence.

Mrs Jakes said: “We have a caravan on a site behind Whitby Abbey and we noticed the plaque had gone missing about three months ago. It’s such a shame because it’s a real point of interest.”

The Danby Beacon site has a long history dating from the time of Napoleon when it was a look-out station manned by an old soldier and his wife watching for a feared invasion to World War Two when it was the site of one of the country’s first radar stations.

It was from there that the course of the first German plane to be shot down in England was plotted. It was brought down by Flight Lieutenant Peter Townsend who later was prevented from marrying the Queen’s sister, Princess Margaret because he had been divorced.