Parents warned to belt up

POLICE are planning a crackdown on irresponsible parents who flout seatbelt rules on the school run, after damning figures revealed the extent of the problem.

At one school in North Yorkshire, the occupants of up to 10 per cent of 516 vehicles tested were not wearing seatbelts. Following the findings, Scarborough and Ryedale Road Safety Group, made up of Ryedale District Council, North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and North Yorkshire Police, is writing to the schools involved and warning that officers will be drafted in over the next few weeks.

Mark Naylor, chair of the road safety group and fire station manager for Whitby, says the move is a last resort. He said: “There are three ways we can go about road safety.

Education, engineering of the road or the last option of enforcement – unfortunately we have had to go down that route. “As a group we are collectively very surprised at the figures – the vast majority of cars we looked at were on the school run.

“The worry now is this mindset is going to be passed on to another generation. There have been times when we have been doing educational classes in schools and pupils have told us they have urged their parents to put their seatbelts on but they still don’t listen.” The figures have been collected by road safety officers at a number of junior, primary and secondary schools over the past few months, although the group will not disclose the names of those that were tested.