North Yorkshire still safe despite crime rises

NORTH Yorkshire Police says it is one of the safest places in the country despite rises in overall theft, violent crime, sex and drug offences.

The figures were revealed in a quarterly update from the Home Office with figures for recorded incidents up to June this year.

There were over 8000 violent crimes committed overall in this period which is 117 more than last year.

Violent crimes without injury such as public order and harassment increased by 121 offences this year to a total of 3847.

Theft increased by over five percent to a total of 12,746 incidents and 598 sex offences, 27 more than last year, were reported.

Drug offences were up by almost 20 per cent. There were 2149 in total which is 422 more than last year.

But North Yorkshire Police says the rise is a positive sign that people are more confident about reporting sex offences to the police and that the drug figures are due to a crackdown and recent police operations.

Overall there were 243 less crimes that last year with a total of 41, 605.

Burglary was down by 3.38% (208 crimes) to 5,419 in total, decreases in dwelling burglaries were at 3.17% (63 crimes) and non-domestic burglary figures showed a drop of 145 offences

Vehicle crime was down 13.06% - 436 offences, 3,343 in total.

Robbery was reduced by 4.61% (10 offences) to 207 and criminal damage saw a reduction of 8.71% or 649 offences, with a total of 7,451.

A North Yorkshire Police spokesperson said the results were very encouraging.

More general feedback suggest confidence in North Yorkshire Police and local councils to tackle crime and anti-social behavior has risen from 52.7% to 55.73% since last year.

Sixty percent of residents surveyed agreed the police deals with local concerns – a rise from 58.3% last year.

Chief Constable Grahame Maxwell said government cuts had made the last year “extremely challenging” and had led to the streamlining of operations and new shifts systems.

He added: “However, this is no time for complacency. I give my assurance that North Yorkshire Police will do everything in its power to keep our communities safe and secure.”

Jane Kenyon, Chairman of the Police Authority said: “The report is further confirmation of the hard work and dedication afforded by officers and staff of North Yorkshire Police, keeping our communities safe and free from harm day in and day out.”