North Yorkshire Police confiscate £1.3m of criminal cash

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NORTH Yorkshire Police has confiscated a whopping £1.3 million of criminal cash over the past year.

The £1,339,479.32 was gathered together by the force’s Financial Investigation Unit between 1 April 2010 to 1 April 2011.

Criminals were pursued under the Proceeds of Crime Act, which meant that they had to appear in court and the police were able to retrieve their illegal earnings.

Cases included a drug dealer, brothel keeper and scam artist.

he amounts of money that they were ordered to pay back were among the highest hauls North Yorkshire Police have ever had. The largest confiscation order being £354,500.

Just over £1.1m of the cash was through confiscation orders, where a person is ordered to pay back money they have benefited from through their crimes.

Detective inspector Ian Wills, of North Yorkshire Police’s Financial Investigation Unit said: “2010/11 was a very successful year for the force’s Financial Investigation Unit.

“We had some excellent results in the courts and recovered a lot of money, some of which we were able to put back into the community through the ‘Why Should They?’ campaign.

“It is vitally important that criminals do not benefit financially from their crimes and the figures achieved in the last financial year send out a clear message that North Yorkshire Police will vigorously pursue criminal’s assets and apply to the courts to confiscate them.

“Our financial investigators have put in a great deal of hard work to ensure that crime doesn’t pay for North Yorkshire criminals and I am confident that we will continue that good work in the future.”