Noisy yobs are driving holidaymakers away

A WHITBY holiday cottage business says the town is suffering as a result of hooligans causing a noise at night.

The Railway Cottages holiday homes look over the Marina car park – and the youths who often loiter outside cause such a noise that holidaymakers have apparently cut their break short to get away.

A spokesperson for the company, which has four properties on Windsor Terrace, said: “Last week we had a lady who had paid for a week’s holiday staying with us.

“She left after three days because she couldn’t stand the noise of the hooligans racing their cars at night.

“She’s not going to give us a good review at all.

“She said the cottage was lovely but she just couldn’t stay because of the noise at night.

“It’s dreadful when you think about it – we are trying to promote tourism and holidays and then you get our youngsters acting like this and it’s absolutely outrageous.

“It’s just a circus, it’s absolutely stupid.”

The spokesperson said the noise is a nightly occurrence and that they are afraid to confront the youngsters themselves for fear of repercussions.

They have contacted the police, who have pledged to increase patrols in the area.

A spokesman for North Yorkshire Police said: “We are aware of an ongoing issue with youths behaving in an unacceptable manner in areas of Whitby.

“We are working with partners to tackle the problems and develop an effective long-term solution to the problem.”

However, the amount police can actually do to stop this behaviour is limited as the youths can see patrol cars approaching down Langborne Road and make their escape.

An alternative would be to close the car park, which is managed by Scarborough Council.

An SBC spokesperson said: “The council is happy to work with police and residents to resolve any ongoing issues in this area.”