Mum’s warning after son assaulted in park

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A MUM has paid tribute to a teenager who stepped in to help her 10 year-old son, who was left bruised and shaken after allegedly being assaulted in a park just yards from his home.

Kieron Abbott was in group of about 11 youngsters, including his younger sister Danielle, playing in the new children’s play area at Ingham Close in Sleights on Thursday evening when the incident happened.

Kieron says he was grabbed by an older man who was tackled by brave and quick-thinking Liam Crosson who saw what was happening.

Kieron’s mum Deb said: “You wouldn’t expect someone that age to jump in, it was very brave for a lad of that age to get involved.

“We are very grateful to Liam and I went to his house as soon as I found out it was him and thanked him for everything.”

Danielle raced home to tell her parents what had happened and Kieron’s dad Shaun found his son in the park before ringing the police and an ambulance.

Mrs Abbott, of Birch Crescent, said: “Danielle came home hysterical because she couldn’t do anything and Kieron was obviously upset and crying on the floor.

“He was holding his neck, they checked him in the ambulance because the top of his windpipe was swollen. He had bruising and a red mark on his neck and bruises on his legs from when he was on the floor and the police have taken his stuff for forensics.

“They checked his pulse and offered to take him to hospital but said to keep an eye on him throught the night and check his breathing.”

Police confirmed a 31-year-old man from Marske had been arrested on suspicion of assault and released on police bail pending further enquiries.

Mrs Abbott warned other parents to be more aware of where their kids are playing and who they are with.

She added: “Other parents should keep an eye on their kids more when they are in the park because you don’t know who is about do you?

“If I know Liam is around I know Kieron is safe but when he is not in the park I will be up a lot more checking on them.”