‘Keep calm and garden’ in park

Chris Roe near one of the "bug hotels" at Pannett Park which have been destroyed by vandals''w132005a
Chris Roe near one of the "bug hotels" at Pannett Park which have been destroyed by vandals''w132005a

Vandals have struck in Whitby’s Pannett Park, threatening to destroy the work of volunteers and schoolchildren.

Throughout Pannett Park, ‘bug hotels’, made of logs and twigs, have been erected by youngsters as part of projects to learn more about the delicate ecosystem of the park.

However, vandals recently pulled apart the structures, and area parks officer Chris Roe is asking people to keep an eye out for those who are damaging areas of the park

“People think it’s just a pile of rubbish, but it’s actually quite important for the ecosystem of the park,” he said. “It’s a shame when you are trying to educate people to what we have got, that a minority causes a problem.”

Other damage to have taken place around the park over recent weeks includes a fountain which was snapped and broken at the Lily Pond, graffiti, and paving stones and bricks picked up and thrown around. Mr Roe added: “On the whole the park is pretty well-respected, but as I look at it, now we have to be putting this damage right when we could be doing so much more with our funding. We’re just asking parents to keep an eye on their kids and make sure they are not damaging stuff because it’s a lot of expense to get it back.”

A bug hotel is a pile of wood and logs which allows a safe habitat for insects and other creepy-crawlies to hibernate through the winter.

Mr Roe said: “If you get a good area where insects and small animals are growing, you get more birds and wildlife as a result. If you set it up correctly you can have kids actually taking an interest in nature and the bugs and insects.”

Creepy-crawlies are once again set to be the focus of attention on Saturday when a bioblitz takes place, which will record the different species of earthworm found in the park.

Anyone who spots vandalism taking place is urged to call Whitby Police on 101.