‘I’m doing this for my murdered sister’

Elisa Frank is hoping to find a home for her art work to be shown in Whitby''w122209a
Elisa Frank is hoping to find a home for her art work to be shown in Whitby''w122209a

A woman who witnessed the brutal murder of her sister and a friend has moved to Whitby to pursue her dreams of becoming an artist.

Elisa Frank (20) hopes to exhibit and sell her art work and is hoping businesses and cafes will showcase it.

She also wants to write a book of poems featuring her gothic style art to raise funds for victim support, mental health charity Mind and a charity which works with people suffering eating disorders like her.

Elisa’s sister Kimberley was murdered in March last year by Elisa’s ex boyfriend, Afganhistan asylum seeker Ahmad Otak whom she had refused to take back after breaking off their relationship.

He forced Elisa to watch as he stabbed her 17 year old sister Kimberley and friend Samantha Sykes to death. He then abducted Elisa holding her at knifepoint and drove to Dover in a bid to flee the country but she managed to escape.

In November last year he was jailed for a minimum of 34 years for the double murder.

Now Elisa has started a new life in Whitby with her dad Paul (56) after moving from Wakefield and are sleeping on the floor of a friend’s flat after initially staying in B&Bs and a holiday cottage.

“Everyone is so friendly in Whitby, I love it here and everyone has been so nice.

“I’ve always drawn when I was younger. Kim used to ask me to draw for her and I was really good at art at school. When I got older Kim said why don’t you go to college and do art. I stopped doing it for a while because of things that happened in my life.

“It calms my mind when I’m sitting and drawing, it gets out the emotions inside. I want to get on with my life and do things for Kim to make her proud.

“If I didn’t have this to focus on I would fall apart. Me and my dad are keeping each other strong. I see it in my head I will see her one day when I pass on.

“I need to make the most of this life while I’ve got it.”

Anyone who would like to display Elisa’s art work or who can help with her dreams to publish a charity book are asked to email alex.fredman@jpress.co.uk with their details.