How much do you want to pay towards the cost of policing?

People in Whitby are being given a say on whether the amount they pay to the police as part of their council tax should increase,

North Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Julia Mulligan, has launched a consultation on the police precept.

There has been an underspend of over £500,000 in policing this year in North Yorkshire, and the service currently has general reserves of almost £10 million.

A survey is now open so the public can give their feedback as to whether they would like to freeze the local police tax or if would rather pay more for local policing.

The short consultation takes less than a minute to complete and is a chance for people to have their say on the amount they pay for policing.

There are three options to choose from:

• Freeze the local police precept.

• Increase the precept by 1.99 per cen in order to raise nearly £1.2 million for next year and subsequent years.

• Put the precept up by more than 1.99 per cent, which would trigger a referendum on the proposals.

Miss Mulligan said: “Rather than ask local taxpayers for more money I am considering freezing the police precept next year.

“The Government has committed to providing money to the areas that don’t put the precept up, which means the police benefit next year without having to put further pressure on family budgets.

“This goes hand in hand with the predicted £500,000 underspend this year.

“I don’t feel it is right to put taxes up when we have that level of underspend within the organisation whilst we can still receive a top-up from central government.”

To take part in the consultation, visit