Fuel thefts on the increase

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A RURAL crime wave is sweeping the county, and the Country, Land & Business Association (CLA) is advising farmers to protect themselves.

Rocketing fuel prices and shortages of heating oil have led to a rise in the number of farmers having their vehicle and fuel stolen.

Edmund Sword of CLA Insurance Services said: “Due to high global oil prices we are seeing an extraordinary increase in the price of fuel, which has triggered an increase in thefts from farms.”

Diesel and petrol prices have gone up by more than six pence a litre in just one month while heating oil prices have increased by 50 percent since last summer.

Mr Sword added: “This means that farms, which often store large quantities of both heating oil and vehicle fuel, are an attractive proposition for thieves.”

To help protect their fuel supplies the CLA advises farmers to take measures such as checking tank levels on a regular basis to ensure fuel is not being siphoned off, to install security lighting around fuel tanks, or to conceal tanks with fencing panels or shrubs.

For more information about the CLA visit www.cla.org.uk.