Four-month jail term for child sex crimes

A Whitby man has been jailed for downloading and distributing horrific sexual images of children described by 
a judge as “revolting in the 

Nathan Peter Smith, 26, made over 150 photos and videos featuring extremely young infants being sexually abused by adults and sent some of the pictures to others with similar fantasies.

He appeared at York Crown Court on Friday after 
pleading guilty to 10 counts of making indecent images 
and five charges of distribution from January 

Smith committed the offences while living in Scarborough but is now of Helredale Road and has previous 
convictions for 18 offences including violence and harassment.

Even Smith’s defence counsel conceded the images were “horrifying”, but added the majority were Category C – the lowest level.

She said Smith’s child perversion grew out of his obsession generally with 
pornographic material but he understood he had a 

But judge Paul Batty QC said: “This was absolutely appalling conduct; it’s revolting in the extreme.

“It’s on a different level to the sort of offences that generally come before the court. Your conduct plumbs the very depths.”

Smith was jailed for four years and as he was being led to the cell Smith bellowed “You’re dead” to two men in the public gallery who were mocking him.

Mr Batty declared the outburst was contempt of court and ordered Smith’s barrister to bring him back 
into the courtroom and added an extra 28 days to his jail sentence.

He also made Smith subject to a sexual-harm prevention order, which bans him from using any computer device without police-managed software which can detect his search history and prevents him deleting any incriminating files.

The order also prohibits him from living or sleeping in any household with a child 
under 16 years of age, unless with the approval of Social Services.

He was also made to sign on the sex-offenders’ register for life.