Fifth day of Whitby murder trial

The murder of Whitby woman Julie Davison has been linked to drug dealing which was “well known” to take place at the Church Square block of flats.

At the trial of James Allen at Newcastle Crown Court it was alleged that the man who was spotted in a communal hallway outside Julie’s flat in the hours before her death was also carrying a quantity of drugs.

Whitby resident Christopher Sanderson visited 6 Church Square with a friend in the early hours of 25 April and said that he saw a man stood in the hallway outside Julie’s ground floor flat.

The man showed Mr Sanderson a blood stained sock, but as he leant forward, the witness recalled a tissue fell out of the man’s clothing. When he asked what the tissue was, the man replied that it contained subutex, a drug similar to heroin.

Another witness, Sasha Moore, lived in the top floor flat at 6 Church Square and said that she also bumped into a man who was sat on the staircase in the building. “I said ‘you scared me’ and he replied ‘I’m sorry’ and mumbled something about weed, but then said ‘but don’t repeat that though’.”

The defence for Allen alleged that the top floor flat was actually a well known “drugs den”.

John Bromley-Davenport QC said: “There was a good deal of drug taking and ‘druggy’ people going upstairs”.

He suggested that the intoxicated state of the witnesses on that night meant that their recollection was vague and so could not be replied upon.

Whitby residents have also recalled seeing a “weird, hyper and bouncy” man in the area around Church Street in the hours before Julie was killed.

Nathan Humble was with a group of friends when they were approached by a man near Union Steps. This man then shook hands with each of the friends before taking off his trainer and showing them a blood-stained toe, which he said was caused when he was knocked off his bike by a car.

The trial continues.