Family outings ‘hit by rise in drunken stag and hen trips’

POLICE in Whitby have been asked to deal with the influx of hen and stag parties coming into the town at weekends.

The issue, which has become more prevalent with the onset of summer, was raised at a monthly meeting of Whitby Town Council.

Some councillors were concerned the large groups of people drinking and causing antisocial behaviour were spoiling the family atmosphere and local people had stopped going out in town during the evenings because of it.

Coun Sean Rixham-Smith said: “I have a young daughter and in the summer months like to go out and sit in a beer garden.

“There are going to be a lot more families in town and the stag and hen parties are occurring on a regular basis.

“By the time tea-time comes around a lot of them have had too much to drink.

“It is offensive and I do not want to be sat there with my family listening to some of the language you hear.

A more active police presence around the town would be appreciated because it is just awful, it really is.

“It is at the point where local people are staying in and are not going out.”

Coun Amanda Smith said a higher police presence in the town centre would make people feel safer and discourage some of the “wilder behaviour that goes on”.

Insp Mark Grange told the meeting that due to limited resources he was reluctant to say he would definitely have officers in one place for a set number of hours because his decisions are made on intelligence and information.

He said licensees had to play their part as well when deciding whether people were too drunk to serve but with the economy as it is they are glad to take all the business they can.

He added: “I can’t stop people coming into town if they see Whitby as a good day out whether that is hen or stag parties.

“Last year we responded when we got specific information that a particular group is going to be a problem. We stopped a bus on the way in, had a word and made sure we knew where they were going.”