Drugs police execute warrant but wood shop clear

Police search the inside of the store
Police search the inside of the store

The owners of a wood shop have reacted with anger after their store was raided by drugs police on Monday following an anonymous tip-off.

Police executed a warrant at around 5pm at Welcome to Woodstock in Grape Lane and another associated property at Black Horse Yard.

The police had been led to believe that drugs were to be found on the property, however the shop’s John Hall said: “It was a tip off and it was a load of bunkem.”

Mr Hall added that none of the three people who operate the business have ever had any convictions relating to drugs, and so he was shocked when police swooped upon the shop.

“It was really out of hand and it caused us a lot of trouble,” he said. “They just came in and said ‘we have got this paperwork, we’re going to search your premises’. There was no arguing with them.”

PC Phil Coles of the Neighbourhood Support Team said the force had received “intelligence” relating to suspected drugs at the premises.