Detective sacked after pub brawl

A drunken murder squad detective convicted of terrorising a village pub in Fylingthorpe has been sacked.

Det Sgt Paul Whiteley nearly lost his liberty when he tried to appeal against his original conviction “to save his skin” - and now his rampage has cost him his job.

He escaped with a fine equivalent to one and a half weeks wages when he was first found guilty of common assault by Scarborough magistrates court in July.

But when he tried to overturn the verdict in October he was given a suspended jail sentence for what a York crown court judge called the disgraced officer’s “aggressive and bullying behaviour”.

Whiteley’s career with West Yorkshire Homicide and ‎Major Enquiry Team is now over following disciplinary proceedings this week.

Det Ch Supt Clive Wain, of West Yorkshire Police’s Professional Standards Department, said “Following a recent conviction for assault, an officer was dismissed on Tuesday without notice for gross misconduct.

“West Yorkshire Police expects the highest standards of professionalism from all officers and staff and will take appropriate disciplinary action against anyone who fails to meet those standards.”

Whiteley, 51, of Wakefield, was on holiday with then partner Claire Hughes and spent the afternoon drinking in the pub.

They stayed for seven hours and had downed the best part of three bottles of red Shiraz wine between them before they were spotted staggering towards their car.

Holiday maker Carl Sarsfield, 41 stopped them driving and back inside the pub an argument and fight broke out.

Whiteley had been suspended since the incident in May 2013.