Court hears lost dog leads to pub stabbing

A holiday-maker was stabbed outside Hawsker’s Hare and Hounds pub after a row about a dog a court heard.

The incident happened at about 10pm on Easter Sunday last year, when the alleged victim, who was named in court, was holidaying at the York House campsite in Hawsker.

He and his family, from Derbyshire, had gone for a day out in Whitby and left their pet dog, a small poodle-cross called Lola, in a cage inside a tent. When they returned, the dog was nowhere to be seen.

During a frantic search they were told the dog had been into the site’s clubhouse bar and Michael Turford - who lived opposite the site - had picked it up by the scruff of the neck and thrown it out of the bar as it yelped.

After a heated exchange, both men went outside. Turford, 32, is alleged to have pulled out a pen knife and stabbed the man three times in the chest and stomach with a three-inch blade.

Turford was arrested and charged with attempted murder and wounding causing grievous bodily harm.

Prosecuting barrister, Nicholas Barker said: “Turford was seen to handle his jacket as he followed (the alleged victim) out. It was at this point that the defendant resolved in his mind to not just hurt (the alleged victim), but to kill him.”

During the fracas, the stab victim punched Turford once in the face and made a run for it, but Turford chased him, knife in hand. A man from the pub intervened and took the weapon off Turford.

When he asked Turford if he had stabbed the man, the defendant allegedly replied: “Yeah. No-one comes round here and threatens me.”

He told the court Turford did odd jobs on the site and was “one of the nicest people you could meet”.

Mr Barker said that prior to the incident Turford - who was having problems with his ex-partner and getting access to his children - had been in a “brooding, threatening and aggressive mood” at the campsite bar. Defence barrister Peter Makepeace said Turford acted in self-defence because the “red mist” had descended on the alleged victim.

The trial continues.