Court for man after street fight

A chef from Whitby ended up embroiled in a fight that he tried to split up, a court heard.

Karl David Charles Allen pleaded guilty at Scarborough Magistrates’ Court on Monday to using threatening/ abusive/ insulting words/ behaviour during an incident on 8 October.

The court heard he and another man went into an alleyway and were punching each other when police arrived shortly afterwards to deal with a separate incident of disorder taking place outside Beez Bar.

The prosecution said: “The defendant had been seen through a group of people acting aggressively, both have gone into an alleyway. It is a shortlived incident. The defendant describes being outside the pub having a cigarette when a commotion starts. His version is that he went to try and break it up.”

They both ended up with injuries and the other man involved has already been dealt with by the court.

Part of the incident was captured on CCTV which his defending solicitor said proved Allen, of The Esplanade, Whitby was playing no part in the original incident.

He said: “Having come out of Beez he was seen to walk away up the street. A short distance away people are seen to go into this alleyway. My client knows one of the people slightly, he thought there was going to be a fight and wanted to break it up.

“He was confronted by a very large man, much taller than him and he decided to stick up for himself. He can’t have been involved in much of a fight in ten seconds.

“He is sorry and accepts he should have kept out of it.”

Allen was given a community order and told to undertake 40 hours of unpaid work.