Counting cost of not picking it up

The borough council is stepping up dog fouling patrols during winter as it says that is when most incidents occur.

Statistics revealed this week, show that since April, 31 people from across the borough have been dealt with at magistrate’s court for not picking up after their dogs.

Of that figure, 10 were from Whitby and eight of those incidents occurred within the last three months.

The council’s dog warden service is stepping up patrols in problem areas and is appealing to residents to report dog owners seen breaking the law.

The service says it is not uncommon for dog fouling to increase in the autumn and winter period as irresponsible dog owners use the cover of darkness to avoid clearing up.

The whole of the borough is covered by dog control orders, which require dog walkers to clean up their dogs faeces and those who fail to can incur a fine of up to £1,000 in the courts.

Graham Hibberd, senior dog warden said: “We want to do our best to eradicate this problem, so patrols are being carried out during early mornings and evenings on foot, by cycle and in vehicles throughout the borough. We have also trained over 25 staff from other council departments so they too can be on the lookout for offenders.

“At this time of the year, with days getting shorter, there’s a temptation for irresponsible dog owners to allow their pets to foul and not clear up after them. Most dog owners are responsible.

“What we need is good evidence – for example a description of the dog and person walking it, the location, date and time of the incident – and then we are able to target the right areas or individuals.”