Cop these police stats

A SPECIALIST team of officers from North Yorkshire Police has helped seize over £1.3 million worth of stolen property, vehicles and drugs over the last financial year.

The Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) team who have cameras in their vehicles revealed that last year they summonsed 1588 people to court and made 88 arrests for theft, drugs, burglary, motoring offences and warrants.

They also issued 1025 fixed penalty notices, seized 523 vehicles for not being insured or because the driver didn’t have a valid licence and searched 700 people and vehicles.

Sgt Ian Butler , said: “Not only to the cameras help to detect motoring offences which blight the lives of law-abiding people, they also provide a rich source of intelligence, analysis and post incident investigation as well as providing valuable assistance to officers during on-going incidents.”